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Kathryn Mikkelsen
Executive Director

Kathryn Mikkelsen is the Executive Director of the North American Thrombosis Forum (NATF) in Boston, MA.

Prior to becoming the Executive Director of NATF, Kathryn was the Project Manager of the Thrombosis Research Group at Brigham and Women’s Hospital (BWH).  At BWH, Kathryn was responsible for planning the monthly PE Support Group that Dr. Goldhaber and his nurse, Ruth Morrison run.  It was at these meetings that she realized how little awareness there still is about VTE, and how scary a diagnosis it is for patients.  Since then, she has been interested in developing programs for patients that not only provide medical education but also provide emotional support for patients, their caregivers, family, and friends.

In her role as the Executive Director, Kathryn has helped to start several VTE Support Groups throughout the US and Canada. Most recently, she started an online VTE Support Group, which meets monthly using WebEx and connects patients from around the world.  She has also started a quarterly newsletter (The Beat), facilitated the publication of the NATF AF Action Initiative Consensus Document in theAmerican Journal of Medicine, created several online and print resources for patients, and has planned several large educational conferences for both patients and healthcare providers.

Molly's Bio Pic

Molly Gately
Assistant Director of Content Development

Molly is the Assistant Director of Content Development for NATF. She is a passionate writer and storyteller, who enjoys using these skills to promote thrombosis awareness. Molly is responsible for developing NATF’s quarterly newsletter, as well as creating engaging content for NATF’s website. Molly graduated from UMass Amherst in 2016 with her BA in journalism. Outside of work, she is an avid reader and animal lover. Need a book recommendation? Molly already has something in mind.


North American Scientific
Advisory Committee

Geno Merli, MD
Committee Chair

Joseph S. Alpert, MD
Committee Co-Chair

Shannon Bates, MD, MSc
Kenneth A. Bauer, MD
Henry I. Bussey, PharmD
Charles A. Carter, MBA, PharmD
C.Gregory Elliott, MD
Stephen Fredd, MD
Garth Graham, MD, MPH
Russell Hull, MD, MSc
Carlos Jerjes-Sanchez, MD
Kenneth V. Leeper, Jr., MD
Robert C. Pendleton, MD
Gundu Rao, PhD
Farzaneh Sorond, MD, PhD
Paul D. Stein, MD
Jeffery I. Weitz, MD 

International Scientific 
Advisory Committee
Henri M. Bounameaux, MD
Benjamin Brenner, MD
Sylvia Haas, MD
Stavros Konstantinides, MD
Ajay K. Kakkar MD, PhD
Vijay V. Kakkar, MD

Patient Advocacy Committee   

Kathryn Mikkelsen
Committee Chair

Rosemary Pye
Committee Co-Chair

Jose Alvarez-Stelling
Caitlin Augustine
Judge Daher
Heather Ford
Marisa Gregg
Henry Hagopian III
Lindsay Harrigan
Amey Houde
Amruta Houde
Katie Jenkins
Kenneth MacWilliams
Ruth Morrison
Ian Oppenheim
Kendra Simon
Martha Walker

Publication Editor

Arthur A. Sasahara, MD

Education Chair

Gregory Piazza, MD
Education Chair

Public Policy Committee

Craig M. Kessler, MD
Committee Chair

To reach us via telephone, please call: (617) 730-4120.

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