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Patient Stories

Mark Lindsay

"About 12 years ago, I had arthroscopic knee surgery, which is an outpatient procedure. It was supposed to be a walk-in, walk-out procedure. I told everyone that I would be getting this done on a Friday and would be back to work on Monday. It turned out that for me that wasn’t the case."

Mark Lindsay

Nina Hawthorne

 "I’m very grateful for having lived through it. I think that’s a source of resilience for me. It’s a sense of survival. I met the enemy and I lived through it."

Hope -1804595_1920


Nancy Marriott

"PE/DVT can be a lot for
for one person to handle alone, both emotionally and physically."

Nancy -237x 237

Writing down an experience and sharing it with others can be a therapeutic experience, as can reading about how others have handled their challenges. Every patient has a story and NATF would like to invite you to share yours. If you would like to contribute a Patient Perspective contact us at

Patient Stories:

  • Mary Beth Hanley - "How My Own Hospital Almost Killed Me: A Doctor’s Story of Survival against the Odds and How All Patients should Protect Themselves from this Silent Killer in the Hospital"
  • Kathryn Mikkelsen - "The Autonomous and Responsible Patient: The Importance of Self-Advocacy"


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