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What is GTF?

The Georgia Thrombosis Forum (GTF) is a community service organization dedicated to spreading awareness about thrombosis in Georgia. GTF is an affiliate of NATF, and was founded after a 14-year-old boy in Georgia suffered from two episodes of massive bilateral pulmonary embolism in 2011. This event was alarming to the local community, especially because many community members had little or no knowledge about deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism. 

A group of volunteers made up of parents, students, patients, and doctors came together and formed the Georgia Thrombosis Forum on December 12, 2012. Today, the GTF comprises of over 48 volunteers and continues to raise awareness throughout the State of Georgia as it works to enhance the mission of NATF. 

Recent Community Outreach

The GTF encourages all of its volunteers to organize, plan, and conduct activities, such as petitioning Georgia counties to declare a Thrombosis Awareness Month, writing articles for publications, and hosting tables at local festivals. Below are some of the GTF's recent acheivements:

GTF High School Scholar's Day At Loyola University

Screen Shot 2017-06-19 At 1.43.10 PM

Screen Shot 2017-06-19 At 1.43.20 PM

What is Venous Thromboembolism?
By Vaishnavi Bavadekar

January 28, 2016

Since our update in October 2015, GTF continues to march in different directions, making efforts in getting closer to its mission to increase the awareness of thrombosis in Georgia.

Welcome new members to GTF

We have added 4 new members: Anusha Tembe (6th grade), Manoj Niverthi (9th grade), Rajath Bappanad (9th grade), Rohil Badkundri (9th grade).


GTF has discovered that arranging booths is a very useful and powerful medium to promote thrombosis in the community. While the experience is very challenging and enjoyable, it does have moments of disappointments when the visitors do not give enough attention, or even humiliate our volunteers. Our volunteers have now been trained to ignore such incidences, and, in fact, their commitment to the GTF mission gets even stronger!

1. September 19-20, 2015: Booth at Suwanee Fest. About 55,000 visitors attended the Suwanee fest, 1,300 visited our GTF booth.

2. September 26, 2016: Booth: MMA Ganesh Pooja at Shakti Mandir, Morrow GA. About 150 attended the booth.

3. October 9, 2015: Conarc Presentation

Veeraj Rangnekar, Varun Rangnekar, Nupur Dandavate, and Vaishnavi Bavadekar made our very successful first presentation in front of an IT Group (Conarc, Inc), emphasized the attendees the need to move around, not to sit at the desk for long period of time.

4. October 13, 2015: Veeraj Rangnekar, one of our young volunteers distributed about 250 wrist Bands in his school, thereby making his friends and teachers aware of risks of thrombosis and its management. This date was selecetd deliberately to concide with the World Thrombosis Day on October 13, 2015. Avanti Upad, another young volunteer, joined Veeraj in this project.



Above are images of the GTF wristbands that were distributed to spread awareness of thrombosis.

5. November 25, 2015: MMA Diwali booth. Attendance: About 150

6. January 16, 2016: TAMA booth. Attendance: about 100

Awards of achievement

1. November 2015: Aditya, Atharva and Varun Rangnekar received the MMA Outstanding Achievement Award 2015

2. January 22, 2016: Special Award “Servant’s Heart Award” by the First Lady, Sandra Deal, awarded to Atul Laddu, MD and GTF for serving children and families of Georgia with unparalleled dedication and enthusiasm

atul jayashree 2

atul jaya certificate


GTF continues to conduct interviews with members of the medical profession to understand their challenges in managing patients with VTE.

1. September 2015 : Aditya’s article : Interview with Manjeeri Sangvai, MD, a practicing OB-GYN expert

 2. January 2016: The Success Story of Georgia Thrombosis Forum (GTF): Suwanee Magazine, January: Interview of Atharva Athalye and Rohan Rege by Sharvari Rangnekar, MD

Read the article:


1. October 2015: Thrombosis, the silent killer, in Iron Tribe by Varun Rangnekar

Read the article:

2. October , 2015: Article on Thrombosis to coincide with the World Thrombosis Day (October 13, 2015) appeared in the October 2015 issue (page 49) of Costco Connection.

Read the article:

Please see the mention of NATF / GTF on the lower left corner of the article. Please also click on the lower left corner of the page to see the video by Dr. Greg Piazza

3. November 2015: Gujgoshti article by Jackson 5: The Youth Takes action: by Anjali Bhave, Anushka Kadam, Avanti Upad, Sarang Pujari, Veeraj Rangnekar, Page 15:

4. December 2015: Neighborhood News: “Youngsters band together to promote awareness of thrombosis”: by Anjali Bhave, Anushka Kadam, Avanti Upad, Sarang Pujari, Veeraj Rangnekar, Page 15:

Read the article:


1. November 17, 2015: Young members of GTF (Ms. Anushka Kadam, Mr. Nimish Kadam and Mr. Ayush Sharma) received a proclamation from the City of Cumming, GA, where December was proclaimed as the Thrombosis Awareness Month.

The City of Cumming covered this event in their newsletter.

Read the article:

2. December 14, 2015: Young members of GTF (Sarag Pujari, Nupur Dandavate, Richa Bhome) received a proclamation the city of Sugar Hill.

Third Anniversary Event of GTF:

January 8 and 9, 2016 happened to some of the busiest times for GTF members. Sam Goldhaber, MD, the President of NATF and John Fanikos, RPh, MBA, Board Member of GTF personally attended this event. Georgia Senator Renee Unterman along with about 80 attendees were present at this event. Jawed Fareed, PhD, Vice President of NATF, joined the meeting with a telephone message. One of the firsts for this event was a live interview of a patient who had suffered from DVT and PE in the past.

Three winners of the Independence Bank of Georgia and Redwood Wealth Management scholarship were announced: Varun Rangnekar (First, $500), Atharva Athalye (Second, $350) and Aditya (Third, $250).

See individual essays from Varun, Atharva and Aditya here

The following members were selected to the PAC: Aditya Bhave and Varun Rangnekar.


October 1, 2015 : In the past few months, GTF has made a remarkable progress in many areas, and have opened doors in new areas:

1.) New members : We have recruited 5 new members (we call them Jackson 5) :                                                          

     - Ms. Anjali Bhave, a 7th grader                              

     - Ms. Anushka Kadam, a 9th grader                      

     - Ms. Avanti Upadhyaya, a 9th grader                        

     - Mr. Ayush Sharma, a 9th grader                           

     - Mr. Nimish Kadam, a 6th grader                                 

     - Ms. Nupur Dandavate, a 10th grader                             

     - Ms. Richa Bhome, a 9th grader                                    

     - Mr. Sarang Pujari, a 8th grader                                

     - Ms. Shriya Athalye, a College student for Physicians Assistant degree  

     - Mr. Veeraj Rangnekar, a 7th grader

2.) We had our second meeting of Patient Support Group, moderated by Greg Piazza, MD of NATF, on May 18,  2015

3.) Summer Internships : We were lucky to be awarded with 4 Summer Internships this summer : 

     - Mr. Aditya Bhave, a Sophomore, at BWH                

     - Mr. Omkar Waingankar, a High School Junior, at NATF

     - Ms. Vaishnavi Bavadekar, Sophomore, at BWH

     - Mr. Varun Rangnekar, a rising Sophomore, at Loyola

All the Interns gained enormous experience during their internships, and the BOD of GTF wants to thank Kathryn Mikkelsen, John Fanikos, Jawed Fareed, members of the BOD of NATF, BWH and Loyola for making this possible.

4.) Publications on e-thrombosis : We are glad that several of our members have published their articles on e-thrombosis.

5.) We had a fabulous visit to the Atlanta Braves on July 17, 2015, where the Braves played against Chicago. Of special mention is that the entire GTF group was on the Bog Screen, and the message of GTF/NATF:

       “Know the signs. Know your risk. Educate yourself, Prevent Blood Clot,
       NATF – GTF, Get info at

This message was exhibited on the Big Screen. This was a very unique way to let thousands of visitors to the Ball Park know about GTF and NATF. We thank Ms. Kat Marriott of NATF for helping us create the message.

6.) Talks : Our volunteers talked at the Heroes First Foundation, Rotary Club and Another Level of Excellence (ALOE), giving some powerful messages to the attendees and in the community.

7.) Interviews : Our young volunteers interviewed a pharmacist, a patient who had suffered from DVT and PE, and a practicing Obstetrician and Gynecologist. The interviews have been published on e-thrombosis.

8.) Booths : We had arranged booths at several events, once again giving messages about thrombosis, and raising awareness of thrombosis in the community.

9.) Thrombosis Video : Ms. Vaishnavi Bavadekar completed her thrombosis video project.
Please see the video here :

10.) NATF Annual Summit : A total of 14 members of the GTF attended the Annual NATF Summit on Sept 25 and 26, 2015. We had a great time at the GTF presentations on September 25, 2015 and other events at the Annual NATF Summit.

11.) Tour of Harvard Medical School : Ms. Nicole Goldhaber, the niece of Dr. Goldhaber, and a medical student at Harvard Medical School, took the GTF group on a tour of the Harvard Medical School. The members enjoyed the tour tremendously.

12.) GTF Website : Sam Goldhaber, MD, President of NATF, inaugurated the GTF website on Sept 25, 2015. Our website was created by our young volunteer, Mr. Atharva Athalye, from scratch, and can be visited at

13.) Costco Connection : The efforts of some of the GTF members have paid off, and the article on Thrombosis to coincide with the World Thrombosis Day (October 13, 2015) has appeared in the October 2015 issue (page 49) of Costco Connection. Costco Connection has a circulation of over 9.6 million per month !

Here is the link :

Please do not forget to see the mention of NATF / GTF on the lower left corner of the article. Please also click on the lower left corner of the page to see the video by Dr. Gregory Piazza.

August 2, 2013 : Proclamation of Thrombosis Awareness Month in GA by Georgia Governor Nathan Deal

February 18, 2014 : Proclamation of Thrombosis Awareness Month at GA State Senate

Sept 2, 2014: Proclamation of Thrombosis Awareness Month by the Board of Commissioners of Gwinnett County, GA

Sept 3, 2014: Proclamation of Thrombosis Awareness Month by the Board of Commissioners of Fulton County, GA

Sept 20-21, 2014: Booth at Suwanee Fest (attendance approximately 55,000)

September 27, 2014 : Proclamation of Thrombosis Awareness Month by the Board of Commissioners of Cobb County, GA

September 2014 : Sam’s Club Magazine: Article “Deep Vein Thrombosis, a silent danger” reaching 8,000,000 people in the U.S.

September 2014 : Suwanee Residents work to spread awareness of danger of Thrombosis: Interview of Sneha Divan and Rohan Rege by Rahul Rege: Suwanee Magazine

July 17, 2015 : GTF brought public attention to the issue of Thrombosis through placement of a GTF/NATF branded advertisement on large LED sign at Atlanta Braves game in Atlanta.

Recent GTF Updates


Young volunteer Atharva Athalye speaks about his experience getting a proclamation for Thrombosis Awareness Month in Fulton County, Georgia

AHMP_Events _NATF-26

January 3, 2015: Senator Renee Unterman presented a prize to Aditya Bhave (pictured above) for winning GTF's logo contest. Prizes were also presented for GTF's first annual essay contest. Aditya Bhave received First Prize, and Omkar Waingankar received Second Prize. Read the winning essays here

AtlantaBraves AtlantaAd

July 17, 2015: (left) Members of the Georgia Thrombosis Forum seated in the Atlanta Braves home stadium stands, wearing T-shirts featuring the GTF logo along with a short message encouraging individuals to educate themselves on Thrombosis. (right) A message from the GTF/NATF that reads 'Welcome NATF-GTF  Prevent Blood Clots.  Know the signs. Know your risk. Educate yourself.'  The message was displayed to the public on this LED-sign four separate times throughout the duration of the game.

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