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A VTE Limerick - Written by Vic Tapson, MD

As presented at the 2017 American College of Cardiology Meeting:

DVT, PE, and Post-thrombotic Syndrome

If you sit and just talk on your cell

Or lie in bed ‘cause you’re not feeling well

Your blood may stagnate

And coagulate

Your thrombosis may then hurt like hell.


Or maybe you won’t feel a thing

Not an ache or a pain or a sting

A big silent clot

That may or may not

Loosen up and break off and take wing.


Now a big one that leads to PE

Could dilate and hurt your RV

Try catheter lysis

For intermediate-risk crisis

You’ll feel better and leave sooner, you’ll see!


Now if clots broke off inside me

I’d be nervous and ask you if we

Could maybe enlist

Ultrasound to assist

And lyse while I have a BP!


Now, post-thrombotic syndrome's a pain

In the figurative and literal vein.

If you hurt and you swell

You can often not tell

It it's new clot or more of the same.


Well, Sam, Keith and Greg, let us plea

When a clot is down near the knee

Let’s start a DOAC

And never look back

We don’t need any more, you agree?


But big leg clots that are diagnosed

Shouldn’t stay there for someone to host.

I say Sam and Suresh

When such big clots are fresh

Let’s lyse them, let’s turn them to toast.


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