NATF is dedicated to helping clinicians and healthcare professionals provide the best treatment for their patients. Creating accurate and helpful educational materials is a key part of that. By helping patients understand their diagnoses, medications, and lifestyle adjustments, NATF, in partnership with healthcare providers, can help empower patients to improve their lives.

Arm your patients with the knowledge they need to combat thrombosis and kick-start a healthy lifestyle with these handouts and videos. Printed versions can be ordered online by emailing Please include your name, address, and the number of printed materials you would like.

Educational Videos

Here are several educational videos that your patients may benefit. More video resources can be found on NATF’s YouTube page.

Lifestyle Modifications to Prevent Thrombosis

A healthy lifestyle can make all the difference. Dr. Samuel Goldhaber discusses the lifestyle modifications that patients can make to help prevent blood clots:

Shared Decision Making

Shared decision making is a method that patients can use to gain more control over their care. Dr. Geoffrey D. Barnes speaks to patients about what shared decision making is and how it works:

The Genetics of Thrombosis

Dr. Umberto Campia discusses the role that genetics can play in blood clots and why certain patients should consider genetic testing:

Post-Thrombotic Syndrome

After experiencing deep vein thromosis (DVT), some patients develop post-thrombotic syndrome (PTS). Dr. Susan Khan presents on this under-acknowledged issue: