Writing down an experience and sharing it with others can be therapeutic, as can reading about how other patients have handled their challenges. Every patient has a story and NATF would like to invite you to share yours. If you would like to contribute a Patient Perspective contact us at info@natfonline.org.

Patient Stories

Rajan Laddu

I have faced health problems my whole life. As soon as I was born, the doctors and my parents couldn’t help but notice and worry about how large and abnormal…
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Mark Lindsay

Mark Lindsay is a passionate businessman who owns Boston Boat Works. He experienced a DVT 12 years ago, but that didn’t stop him from pursuing what he loves: sailing and…
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Nancy Marriott

On September 13th, just two days before her 70th birthday, Nancy Marriott was rushed to the emergency room in Boulder, Colorado with extreme shortness of breath.  She had been near…
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David Osler, MD, MPH

As an avid cyclist, pediatrician, and healthcare executive, I have always had an interest in health and pride myself on being as healthy as possible. Some might even call me…
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