Drs. Joseph Caprini and Alfonso Tafur of NorthShore University Health System host a DVT & PE Support Group in Chicago, IL.

Upcoming Chicago Support Group Meetings

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Each meeting starts with a meet-and-greet for the first half-hour, during which time attendees can visit the compression and Coumadin corners. Then we have a short 20-minute presentation on a pertinent topic such as:

  1. Genetic blood disorders
  2. DVT/PE risk factors
  3. DVT/PE prevention
  4. DVT/PE symptoms
  5. Life changes after a DVT/PE

The meeting features an anticoagulation clinic corner staffed by pharmacists from the three anticoagulation clinics at NorthShore University HealthSystem. Attendees can visit the clinic corner and get information on anticoagulant drugs, particularly Coumadin.

There’s also a stocking/compression corner featuring expert fitters, to answer questions and concerns as well as demonstrate a variety of products that can be helpful for patients with leg swelling, blood clots, and the ever-popular travel-related stockings.

Past Chicago Support Group Meetings

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